How do you stop permanent hair dye from washing out of your hair?

I Have just recently dyed my hair black from a bleach blonde, my hair is dammaged and I do belive that the dye is washing out because of the damage. just wondering if there is anything I can do to slow down the process of fading and washing out :) thanks

Answer #1

shampoo washes out dyed colour very fast especially if you bleached your hair first so use a shampoo for colour treated and/or damaged hair

Answer #2

There is color gaurd shampoos and conditioners you can buy. Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do. My hair doesn’t take to color so no matter what it’scoming out.

Answer #3

well since you went from bleach blonde to black, it will be needing to be re-dyed again, when I dyed my hair black, it did wash out, but then I bought this special shampoo that helps keep the dye, but eventually I had to re-dye it anyways

Answer #4

do you know any name brands?

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