Hair thinning

Im thinking about getting my hair thinned when I get my haircut but am not sure, should I? Has anyone had it done before? What are the pros and cons? How should I get it done (thinning shears vs. Razor, just the underside or all over)?

Sry for so many questions

Answer #1

I’ve gotten my hair thinned out and I really didn’t notice a difference; well I already have so much hair haha

Answer #2

if it is really thick it usually doesnt matter. but layers help a lot to make it appear thinner and healthier.

Answer #3

I wouldn’t get it thinned, mainly because once you do, there is no going back until it grows back out. Why not just stick with layers that will make it appear thinner.

Answer #4

I got my hair thinned before and I was worried if i was going bald, So I took vitamins for hair loss from Reloxe and It totally helped me to reverse my hair!

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