How can I thin out my hair?

ok I know this is probably gunna sound like a really weird question to you as most of my friends constantly complain about their hair being to thin etc. but I want my hair to be thin I hate it being so thick because layers dont look that great and I just cant find a hair style that looks really nice. has anyone got any tips on how to thin out my hair or any good hairstyles for pretty thick hair? (btw my actual hair strands are really thin just I have a lot of them!)

Answer #1

that’s not too weird, to some of these question that be on here!! but,i ant never heard of that!! but you can press it out all the time? i mean it be thin then i guess?!?! i really dont know but i just wanted to give you a idea?!?!

Answer #2

well i think you should cut it at least to your shoulder’s , neck or chen.

Answer #3

Have your stylist texturize/thin your hair either with a razor or thinning shears. That will solve your problem.

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