Should I tell the gym teacher???

This girl Has bullied me science I was in 4th grade and she got all pissed last week for unknown reasons, tried to slam my gym locker on my hand, and bullied another girl to the point that she was about to burst out crying. The school knows that she bullied me, but the ONLY time it was addressed was when I was in 4th grade.

Answer #1

Most definitely. There are times when emotional and verbal assault can’t be addressed, but once it turns physical, the school has to acknowledge it in one way or another.

Answer #2

I’m also a little scared cause she rules the grade.

Answer #3

Do you mean the gym teacher or your bully? If it’s the teacher, then it’s even more reason to go to her. If that makes you too nervous, you might want to go to a teacher you’re close to, or the person right above them. If it’s the girl you mean, then the teacher is still over her in authority and has the right to punish her for what she’s been doing. I understand that it’s scary, and it feels like if you say something, it’ll just get worse. But if the bullying continues and becomes more physical, the bully will almost inevitably be suspended or expelled, depending on the degree of abuse.

Answer #4

Most definetly you should.You should also address your parents that the problem is still continuing.They will do something im sure that she will not be able to cause problems anymore unless she wants to be arrested for harrasment or assault.Stand up to her anyways.If you get in a fight it will show that you don’t want to take her shit anymore.The school disregards this behavior and your fight aganist her would probably be counted as self defense because the school knew about the problem and therefore did nothing to resolve it.Tell your parents.& have them tell your gym teacher about this little b!tch.

Answer #5

Any kind of violence is not acceptable, and both kids would be penalized if they fight. Your school may disregard this kind of behaviour, but most will not. Fighting against someone is not self defense, that’s attack. On the other hand, yes, alerting your parents of the problem is a good idea.

Answer #6

im talking abt the girl, but the thing is, none of the teachers exept for my 4th grade teacher would do anything abt it and it wasn’t just me. It was also that other girl.

Answer #7

i am good at blocking ppl…. lol

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