Is it bad to like two guys at once?

The first guy is a month older than me but a grade behind me and a bit shorter. We became friend at the beggining of 4th quarter my 8th grade yr. We always joked around at first then really started talking about more serious stuff and not just making gross jokes. My bff says the reason I can’t get over him is because we became close at the end of the yr. Then there is this other boy a grade ahead of me. I don’t really know him and he doesnt really know me. He is taller(6 inches taller my weekness:) and athletic and from what I hear a totally sweet guy. He just has a little temper(which is fine cuz when people get outta line I kick there ass back in check :) and from what I have heard we seem like we would really work. What should I do?

Answer #1

It’s not bad, you can’t help how you feel. Follow your feelings, but you have to choose one.

Answer #2

no but if you were to choose between the two i would pick the second because if you really liked the first then you wouldnt of went for the second

Answer #3

please stop asking this………just go with your heart, its bad to be in a relationship with both tho

Answer #4

no it isn’t, as long as you’re not cheating 2 guys at once

Answer #5

As already said, you can’t control your feelings. Liking two guys at once and dating two guys at once is a whole diffrent game. Get to know both on personal levels and don’t rush into a relationship, that’s my advise to you.

Answer #6

no there is nothing with liking two guys at once.. i say that you go with your heart and she what happenes… there is nothing wrong with liking two dudes at once just be faithful and dont play them

Answer #7

Not at all. And if the guys are ok with it, there’s nothing wrong with having a relationship with both. Always better if they know beforehand so you’re not doing anything behind their backs.

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