why does it seem like white guys only like white girls?

well theres a lot of cute white guys but it seems that they only like white girls im hispanic by the way and pretty.

Answer #1

Usually because they have more in common with white girl. I myself have dated Hispanics and Asians. I did end up marrying a white girl though.

Answer #2

a lot of white guys just prefer white girls. it depends on the guy, their family and opinions. I know white guys wholl date anything and others who ONLY do white. some guys date hispanic. dont worry too much. youll find your guy.

Answer #3

Because they are pure skin color unlike those blacks

Answer #4

It depends on the guy. Im chinese and all my boyfriends have been white :O

Answer #5

Every guy is different, meaning we men/boys have different taste in girls. We’re not all the same.

Answer #6

where do you live ? because im black and gorgoues lol and I’ve been dating whiteboys all my life.

Answer #7

im white and i dont like white girls

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