Gun Posseession

Convicted of felony in 2001 reduced to felony theft was released in 2004 and no longer live in that state It was Nebraska im in Missouri…Can I possess a firearm

Answer #1

The general law states that anyone convicted of a felony can never possess a firearm, but there are special circumstances, so you’d best talk to your parole officer.

Answer #2

Probably not. You might or might not find the answer to that question at Or, you could also look in your phone book for a government official to call.

Answer #3

If you have been convicted of a felony, under the federal law popularly known as the Brady Law, and the laws of many states, you are not allowed to knowingly possess a gun. However, to be subject to federal law, the gun must have also been transported across state lines sometime before it came into your possession.

Possession means more than just physically having a gun on your person. In addition to physical possession, the law prohibits felons from having constructive possession of guns. Constructive possession means, for example, a felon cannot have a gun in his house or car, even if he is not present at either location.

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