Which is a better guitar?

I am about to buy my second guitar, and I was thinking about a jazzmaster, but then I learned I could get a sheraton for the same price. I am a huge Beatles fan, but I mostly play punk and grunge with my band. What would you prefer from expierence.

Answer #1

If you still need more help deciding, perhaps my boyfriend’s advice will be of service haha

The Beatles achieved their guitar song on their earlier albums primarily through Epiphone Casinos. So, a Sheraton is a good bet. Both are hollowbodies. Jazzmasters are solid bodies and their pickups are a bit more “standardized.” You’ll never get a better beatles sound than an Epiphone Casino. However, Casinos are completely hollow, so they tend to feedback often, especially if they’re overdriven. Sheratons, 335s, Casinos, and Riviera’s all have the same dimensions so they should all feel about the same to you. Also, Sheratons are not completely hollow so they feedback less. To answer your question, a Sheraton is a better choice for a Beatles sound, but don’t rule out an Epiphone Casino unless you play in a band that plays out at higher volumes. If you’ve researched the Beatles a good bit, you’ll know that McCartney used his Casino for the lead riff in “Ticket to Ride.” Also, nearly all of Sgt. Pepper’s was recorded with Epiphone Casinos.

Answer #2

Ibanez can suck it.. seriously..

I just recently bought a Sheraton and I LLOOVEE ITT. How big are your hands? I have small hands but it fits great. I’d even say better than my Les Paul. Go with the Sheraton!!

Answer #3

id say the sheraton

Answer #4

man, Get An Ibanez. It kicks butt! S2170FB Prestige rocks! (MSRP: $1,799.99)

Answer #5

i would get a fender..good brand name and rock guitar..

Answer #6

choose the one u think is comfortable but i would say the jazz one

Answer #7


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