How can I get better at guitar?

I’ve been trying to play guitar for a few years now but this time I’m totally committed, I’m ok I mean I’m working on learning some iron and wine songs but then again I’m pretty much a beginner still. Any tips? I’m a little lacking in the mula, how much do lessons usually go for?

Answer #1

I’ve been playing guitar for years and have never learnt any theory or scales or anything, I just play a lot. and after a while you get the idea of what sounds good and what doesnt lol

Answer #2

garr, ye be needing to practice the scales a lot. I’ve been playing for four years, and I like to think that im pretty good. the key is, NEVER put it down. I take mine to school and play it on the bus and everything, one time at school some kid even throw money at me :P

Answer #3

ask someone you know to help, if they play.

Answer #4

First off, Don’t waste your time and money on lessons. The best way to learn is to teach yourself. The software I used was called PowerTabs, You can freely download it on the computer and you can download hundreds of tabs to play in it, Basically its sheet music that plays like a song, so you get the visual aid and the sound aid to know what frets to hit and whatnot. But good luck and I hope you enjoy playing as much as I do!

Answer #5

practice with a song that you always wanted to learn =D

Answer #6

just practice and practice some more :)

Answer #7

Guitar Lessons Grayslake IL (877) 687 – 4524

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