What brand of guitars are better?

what brand of guitars are better and how are they different? is there a lot of difference?

Answer #1

I would get an aucstic guitar if your just beginning. But for Acustic - Hyundai -brass strings, not steel

Electric- Fender- steel strings, NO WHAMMY, if you push your whammy to far out of place it ruins your guitar,

Answer #2

Well, Gibson makes an all around good instrument.

Reliable and usually within your price range.

The lower the price, the lower the quality.

The tuning might not sound right or the guitar itself is made of cheap wood.

Just buy the most you can afford.


Answer #3

Do you live near a Guitar Center store. If you do go into the store and tell them you are just begining they’ll help you pick out the best guitar. They have some cool begining guitar starter packs. Fender makes some nice acoustic guitars for about $200. And you could get steel or brass strings they’re rough on your fingertips though. Or you could get a nylon string guitar they’re easier on your fingers but the only drawback is the neck of the guitar is wider so it may be harder to stretch your fingers around to play the notes but if you have long fingers it wont be a problem.

Answer #4

what type of music are you aiming for?

Answer #5

fender make some nice guitars . they tend t be quite epensive tho . xx

Answer #6

Im just beginning btw

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