What is the "grey water" that comes from cargo ships?

Answer #1

Greywater is wastewater generated from domestic activities such as laundry, dishwashing, and bathing, which can be recycled on-site for uses such as landscape irrigation and constructed wetlands or toilet flush. Greywater differs from water from the toilets which is designated sewage or blackwater to indicate it contains human waste. But I am not sure what it is if it is related to cargo ship…sorry :(

Answer #2

Greywater gets its name from its cloudy appearance and from its status as being between fresh potable water (known as “white water”) and sewage water (“black water”). In a household context, greywater is the leftover water from baths, showers, hand basins and washing machines only… in cargo ships also its the same one in ships they have treatment plant for these through which these r treated and discharged into open sea in non special areas as per marpol

Answer #3

Water from the bilge of ships is gray water… It is what collects in the bottom of boats & ships, usually from seepage around the stuffing box (where the drive shaft passes through the stern hull)…

Answer #4

Thanks for the points, Sri…

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