Fortress Rök Glacier Water

Fortress Rök Glacier Water emerges from the outflow of a “rock glacier” located at an altitude of 2,100m high in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

About Fortress Rök Glacier Water

Who we are

At rök Glacier Water, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the purest, freshest water sourced from the outflow of a rock glacier nestled in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Our commitment to sustainability and preserving the natural environment sets us apart as we strive to be exceptional stewards of the land. We believe in the beauty of nature and the importance of enjoying pristine water that has not been exposed to modern pollutants. With every sip of rök Glacier Water, you are transported to a world that has been hidden for thousands of years.

What we Do

We collect our water from the outflow of a subterranean rock glacier deep beneath the peak of Fortress Mountain. This unique source ensures that our water remains untouched by pollutants and retains its natural purity. Our water is enriched with natural minerals that give it a distinctive, fresh taste that is unparalleled. Each can of rök Glacier Water is a testament to the perfection found in nature, and we pride ourselves on delivering a product that is unlike anything else on the market.

Why you should use us

There are countless reasons why you should choose rök Glacier Water for your hydration needs. Firstly, our water is sourced from a rock glacier at an altitude of 2,100m high in the Canadian Rockies, making it one of the most pristine sources of water on the planet. Our commitment to sustainability means that every sip you take supports our efforts to preserve and enhance the natural environment. Additionally, our water is free from modern pollutants, ensuring that you are consuming only the purest water available. By choosing rök Glacier Water, you are not only treating yourself to a premium product but also contributing to the conservation of our planet’s resources.

What can you ask?

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