Getting b's and c's in school

is getting b’s and c’s bad my mates saying, “oh man I got an A I screwed up” I feel thick you know stupid

Answer #1

As long as you’re doing your best, and trying to get A’s, that’s fine.

Answer #2

dobnt worry some people do get a’s in school but b’s and c’s are still good. they are great as long as your trying your hardest it shud be fine. I no my friends are like ei only have a 4.0 gpa and im like really that sux…not! lol but try your best and it will show and everybody is different some people are destined for med school and others are destined for a community college but theres nothing wrong with that! you are smart and thats all that matters

Answer #3

wow your mad mate lol. oj. I currently getting 2 A’s 3 B’s 2 C’s and a D grade and im not too botheres just because some of your friends are getting better results than you does not mean you should be ashamed, you know that you, yourself tried your hardest. so be proud of your results lets face it there better than mine.

Answer #4

Lol, high achievers (either that or brag rats who just want everyone to know how smart they are by getting an A) are a pain but that shouldnt reflect on you. B’s and C’s arent bad grades. By all means aim high, but if you’ve done the best you could then you’ve done all you can do. Also I know at every year those exams seem like the most important things in the world (teachers love to tell you this), but they arent. You’ll probably be doing your O levels soon? Just do the best you can do, but at the end of the day, colleges (if that’s what you’re aiming for) look at A levels, and Bs and Cs will get you into college, and once you’re there, no one looks at your high school grades.

Ok I know this was long winded, but my point is put things into perspective…

I just got my bachelors, I dont even remember what I took in high school…

Answer #5

Some of the world leaders had a C average in school. Good grades don’t mean anything.

Answer #6

B’s are good grades.

Answer #7

… I’m getting D’s and C’s and 2 F’s…dont feel bad

Answer #8

GRDE DONT matter they ome and go—but for an exan revise throughly!

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