Why can't the government put elderly people on medicaid?

Answer #1

Who said it can’t? Elderly who meet the requirements can get medicaid? Here’s the government website about medicaid and medicare certified nursing homes http://funadvice.com/r/14j9m4d63gm

Answer #2

my mother cant get it, all she draws is her SS. SHE

Answer #3

she needs a lot of medical attention she can not afford what gripes me that a lot of people who really truly do need the help can’t get i don’t begrudge any one help that need it especially children and the elderly my mother does not make nothing but er SS and its not enough to live on and their are certain things that medicare don’t pay for.

Answer #4

How about medicare? The eldery are the main ones that get it. I would chec twice on that.

Answer #5

So it’s not all elderly people, it’s certain elderly people. I have no idea why your mother in particular does not meet the requirement for medicaid. For that you’d need to talk to the people who handle medicaid.

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