Government Mind Control?!?

0k so I heard that the government was trying to put chemicals into medical marijuana to control the minds of the people do you think that eventually it will come down to that? that the government will soon try to control our minds weather its putting chemicals into marijuana or anything else? What would we do…

Answer #1

Hahaha no Im sure thats not happening and wont heppen.

Answer #2


Answer #3

ha ha ha!

well as far as controling our minds with chemicals… I don’t think that’s possible… it takes lots of conditioning to control a mind.

which brings me to this… they already try to control your mind with the things they show you on tv… it’s called propoganda, and basically it’s commercials and books and news about things that they want you to believe… when in fact probably none of it is true.

Answer #4

Don’t forget about mainstream media like CNN and fox news is the main way they control your mind

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