What are gooseberries, what do you use them for?

Answer #1

I just eat them XD they are like berries, they taste weird though at first! haha

Answer #2

An aquired taste?

Answer #3

they are small round fruits that can come in different varieties. & you use them to eat… haha. gooseberries in general taste like a very sour grape (it’s best to add sugar to it!). they make wonderful tarts, pies, and jellies. you could top and tail them, which means take off the black bit at the bottom and any remaining stalk, just use your nail. you could eat them raw (but they are very tart and eating too many will prob give you stomach ache). stew them using fructose or splendor to sweeten. you could make jam out of them. gooseberry fool is another good dish, or just cook off a few, slightly sweeten and add them to a low fat yogurt

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Answer #5

I used to love them when I was a kid we had a bush at the end of the play ground after school we would go back there and pick baskets full and make cobbler and tarts or just eat them raw. I still love them but they don’t grow where I am stationed

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