Really good smelling shampoos?

what are some really good smelling shampoos that you can smell throughout the day and not just in the shower???

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***what are some really good smelling shampoos that you can smell throughout the day and not just in the shower???***

I don't think trying different shampoo will really change anything. Your brain has a habit of unconsiously blocking continuous stimuli; in this case, certain smells. It does the same thing with perfume. You might not smell it after a certain amount of time, but anyone else can walk up to you and smell it quite easily.

Some people who don't know this, will often reapply perfumes, throughout the day. This can make the strength of their... aroma... overpowering and often unbearable to others...

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Pantiene Pro V Smells so good. It isnt a powerfull smell but I was hanginout with friends just after getting ready straightening my hair adn my friend standing beside me smelt my hair and said Wow what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use I thought it was hilarious but yeah it does have a nice smell

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I have been using a shampoo called "Tahitian Vanilla" by Organix... you can get it at CVS, that's the only place I have found it! Bath and Body works also has the "Warm Vanilla Sugar" scent in shampoo and conditioner also! They both smell really great all day in my opinion!

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herbal essence but if you put some lavander extract like from perfume and mix it in the shampoo and wash your hair and rise then your hair will smell soo good

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I use Herbal Essences. Be sure to get the shampoo AND conditioner. When you use the conditioner, be sure to leave it in your hair for a good 5 minuted atleast. The longer its in there, the better your hair will feel. The smell will last all day, I use it and my boyfriend is always telling me how good my hair smells. I guarentee you will be very satisfied.

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Pantene Pro V (Especially the smooth & silky one.) comes top of my list. It has a very sweet smelling base note.

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Herbal essance is great to use has a all day smell

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hmm well I use ausie I think thats what it is and it keeps my hair smelling pretty good for a wile

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I like using that aussie stuff..I think it smells really good, if you get the right one.

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pretty much anything by pantene or herbal essences :)

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