Shampoo/conditioner that makes hair smell good?

What shampoo and/or conditioner make your hair smell really nice and good??

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Ballea coconut oil shampoo is really good. Coconut oil is great for your hair and it makes it smell like coconuts! Ballea can be a bit expensive, so maybe you can try to find another brand which has coconut oil.

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herbel essences definately! the smell lasts like more than 3 days. well actually it depend on how muchu use. I use a lot haha

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Herbal essences and garnier fructis. and if you can't smell your own hair, it's because people can pretty much never smell their own scent. you're used to it so don't walk out the shower and be like "I DON'T SMELL GOOD!" lol

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It all depends on what brand of shampoo you like.
I'd say, pick the one that you think would smell good. I hear Herbal Essences have nice fragrances.

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The scent of shampoo varies between people...some like citrus, some like berries - if you know what I mean

You have to find the one you like the best - do what I do...I stand in the shampoo isle opening the bottles and smelling them one by one to find the scent that's most appealing to me.

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dove shampo it makes your hair smell so nice and the smell stays long!

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herbal essences!!

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Herbal Essences.
I love the smell of all of them!!
I really like the Hello Hydration one.

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Pantene Pro V (Especially the smooth & silky one.) comes top of my list. It has a very sweet smelling base note.

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herbel essences smells good I agree but it also damages your hair I find thats why I use dove or pantineprove there more expensive but they make your hair so soft and healthy and also the smells stay in longer than herbel essences

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