What's a good/safe way to get rid of extra adrenaline?

I had a peanut allergy reaction today so I got one epipen shot, which didn't seem to work so I got another. So I have all this built up adrenaline nd my heart is racing. For example wen I was in the hospital my heart rate was 100-110 while I was LYING DOWN and as soon as I stood up it reached things like 150-158. So obviously that's WAY too much, I left the hospital wen my heart rate was between 80-100 lying down nd 120-140 standing up. So how can i get rid of my adrenaline? Like right now my heart is racing...

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Close your eyes, lay down, and visulize a peaceful waterfall with birds chirping and monks going 'ommmm' it might sound odd but it could help, and its safe.

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Wow u need to get that heart rate down

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...I know...thts y I need some help...

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:O It got rid of most of it! I said Open up your front door and just startscreaming, and then the above sttement was an example of what you could yell.

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i dont think you can really get your heart rate down.. its a chemical prob not mental so relaxing and stuff wont help too much although you could try and go to sleep?? the prob is the more you freak out the worse it will be. at this point your in a safe range, the only thing to lower it imm.. is your doctor could give you some medication to lower it if you do you could try smoking some weed it usually lowers your heart beat

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Exercise gets rid of extra adrenaline, but I don't know if that will work in your case. What also helps is stretching. Stretch your whole body while breathing deep.

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