good products for dry hair?

My hair is very dry and damaged due to over-use of my straighteners and dying it more times than I should.

Can you buy any products out there that really make dry, damaged hair shine and look healthier?

OOH also, you know how you get that conditioner when you buy a box of hair dye? Is there anywhere I can buy just the conditioner on its own?

Thanks! (im from the UK BTW).

Answer #1

try any generic conditioner. from like a pharmacy instead the ones from a hair die box or go to your local salon and ask for there opinion.

Answer #2

try using thermasilk leave in conditioner , specially if you use heat on your hair, because its heat activated to make your hair really nice :P and it smells sooo good lol :P

Answer #3


when my hair feels dry, I usually get a treatment to add in moisture. also, make sure to leave your conditioner in your hair for 5 minutes when you shower so you can get the best out of the product.

when straightening, curling, drying or doing anything to your hair, use a leave-in conditioner (mostly focusing on the ends) and use a heat protectant spray. for the leave-in conditioner, I use Beyond The Zone Split Mender and I love it. truly a great product. I also use Beyond The Zone Turn Up The Heat which protects my hair and I apply that on my hair. both products smell great!

Answer #4

ahh thanks a lot :D

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