Do you think there was any good produced from the World Wars?

Answer #1

Japan got stripped from their military. SOME jews that deserved to die did. Germany was seen as powerful when people thought they were weak. Hitler helped the germany economy more than its ever been.

Answer #2

Thats MY opinion of course

Answer #3

I seriously doubt Europe would be as peaceful and unified as it is today had it not been for the World Wars.

Answer #4

A minimal amount. For example, the second war stopped Hitler from turning all of Europe into ‘Germanyland’, so I guess that’s one thing. It also stopped the senseless slaughter of innocent people. In WWI, the U.S. economy boomed. You have to squint really hard to see the benefits of war, though. The negative definitely outweighed the positive, with the destruction of Europe, the use of the atom bombs, etc.

Answer #5

Since Japan still has a military, Germany’s economy is far more robust today than it was under the Third Reich’s protectionism, Germany has traded hard power for soft power, and it’s patently ludicrous to justify the Holocaust through the deaths of any of its victims, I guess I don’t quite see the same end result you do.

Answer #6

As bad as war is, good things do come from it. I dont want to hit on any subjects that can be view as sensitive from certain cultures so I will keep it vauge. If nothing else, the arms build up pulled the USA out of the depression and propelled them into a world super power, so yes good things came from the world wars.

Answer #7

What jewish people decierved to die? just wondering.

Answer #8

In my opinion, the main things were:

The development of RADAR; The development of the PROGRAMMABLE COMPUTER; Advances in ENCRYPTION theory and practice; The creation of a concept of NUCLEAR DETERRENT; Improvements in the understanding of HUMAN RIGHTS & WIRE CRIMES issues Developments leading to practical NUCLEAR POWER sources; Development of practical JET PROPULSION and MULTISTAGE ROCKET PROPULSION.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #9

“… WIRE CRIMES …” ? Doh !

… I meant:



Answer #10

As much as it is terrible for its loses, good actually came out of World Wars. It brought countries out of depression. New technologies were made. Pushed forth many movements such as the feminist movement, as women did all the work at home after the men were gone to war.

Answer #11

i know everything about ww2 but i just cant bring myself to comment as its pretty flippin obvious what the good points to come out of it was.

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