What are some good pets for apartments that don't allow cats and dogs?

I’m moving back on campus, and I’m allowed to have small caged animals, fish, and anything that will fit in a 20 gallon tank. I was really wanting a kitten or puppy, but that won’t happen after the move. Any suggestions of something that may be an okay substitute? I had 4 mice once, but they went #2 way too often for me, and they flung all their bedding out. I’d like to avoid that if possible. I need something that can handle cold-ish environments too because my husband keeps the air at 62 F (~16.7 C).

Answer #1

hamster? fish

Answer #2

how bout an iguana

Answer #3

how bout an iguana

Answer #4

how bout an iguana

Answer #5

A pet rock! Lol. How about a fish or a bird?

Answer #6

A friend of mine brought a ferret when we were little, I was a bit hesitant at first but it’s actually like having a puppy! You could try guinea pigs or rabbits if you want something a bit more laid back. They will sit in a cage when you are busy, and you can play with them/hold them whenever you want. A bird would be awesome- But don’t buy birds from pet shops as they will have already bonded with other birds and won’t be so friendly towards you. If you brought a fish tank you could have turtles and fish inside it- that way you can have fish that will swim and turtles that you can get out of the tank and hold.

Answer #7

it might seem weird, but a rat, my sister has one and it is nice and friendly. they are fun.

Answer #8

Dear Heaven Stubblefield ,

What an excitting question,

my husband and I have had a wide varitiy of pets over the last two years and by far the Best one we have had is a Chinchilla we named Moses.

They are very easy to feed and keep clean. They don’t small and their cages are not dirty to fast either Exstreamly Social Animals and loveable they are so cute and very soft too.

We have a 1 year 2 month old puppie as well and in all honesty I like the chinchilla better and before him I had thought my self a dog person.

Males are better then females as they bond faster and easier.

Here is a few eb sites you may want to consider looking at about them.



chinchillas are awesome pets we let ours run around in a tent and play with him offten. They don’t make much noise either. which is nice and they can become use to a day time scedual too.

They live up to 20 years though so this is not a pet if your looking for a short life span.

Please let me know if you have any questions about them.

thanks Faolan Blood

Answer #9

Also they very light weight and smally fuzzy things

Answer #10

I’d get a ferret….they’re SO entertaining, affectionate, and much like a cat.


Answer #11

Oh nevermind….a ferret wouldn’t do well in a 20 gal sized cage…they need to be able to run around…

Answer #12

For a 20 gal tank a hamster is the perfect pet. They are quiet, basically odor free, and fun to handle and watch. My daughter has had many but I always end up loving and caring for them. They are not difficult to look after and they have really cute personalities. If you do get a hamster, only get one; they are really not good in mutiples (they fight).

Answer #13

A white rat. I love them, because they are highly intelligent a do not require that much maintenance, plus they are just about the only rodent that I am fond of.

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