what are good brands for hunting bows?

Well I wanted to get a good bow to go hunting with but I dont know anything about bows. Does anyone know any good brands. Price is no problem.

Answer #1

get a bowtech they are a little pricey but they last long and get carbon express arrows I shoot all the time and I shoot in three competitions a week

Answer #2

it all depends on how much you want to spend on a bow… a good bow could b from $300 - $600

what you should do is go to cabellas I go there all the time and im always satisified with what I get … but some people will try and play you and just snake you out of some money… so dont tell them that you have no idea what your looking for in a bow… if you have a friend that has some idea what to look for in a bow?… if so ask him / her to go with you when you buy one

Answer #3

I have a McPHERSON magna 2000 compound hunting bow… it works very well and I got it for $150… I think there should b one on ebay for $130 last I looked

its a good starter hunting bow

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