What are good breathing techniques for running/jogging a mile?

I run the mile once a week for PE. We’re timed and I’m working to get my time down to 8 minutes. I started out at 11:48 and have gone to 9:14 which I believe to be a good improvement. However, I worry that my breathing is what is slowing me down because I often have to stop to try and regulate my breathing. I know you’re supposed to breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth but I wonder long breaths or short breaths? If you can think of any other techniques, I will be very happy. Thanks (:

Answer #1

I take long breaths when running, short breaths always makes me light-headed. I usually breathe in with 2 steps and out with 2 steps (though I take quite big ‘steps’ when running long distance).

Answer #2

My sister told me to focus on something around you, like a cloud, trees, birds, anything really and fully draw your attention on it, and it works, effectively. I would reccomend taking small steps. You can’t just decide that one day you’re going to wake up and run a mile because that’s just not realistic and you’re body can’t handle the stress. if you have some time afterschool, break into your shoes and go for a run!

My sis also reccomended to breathe in and out through your mouth. I think I can trust what she says since she’s a Marine and all she did when got to bootcamp was run, for miles, everday.

Answer #3

But mouth breaking dries your throat and makes it raw. And I do wake up and run a mile… Every week, on Thursday, silly (:

Answer #4

alright haha i run a couple miles a day well used to but its cold out now so i dont run that much but for your breathing its more thought than anything. one thing to keep in mind when your running is not to focus on breathing. your body will do that on its own, like its a reflex if you want to call it that. when you focus on breathing you screw it up, when you dont focus on breathing your breathing says at a good pace. another good way to breath is breath thru your nose out thru your mouth. try to just get that down to a habit. but its harder than it seems to do this, but once you do it, trust me you’ll be under 8 min running a mile

Answer #5

Breath through your nose. When you breath throughh your mouth your lungs start to feel like they’re on fire.

Answer #6

Take long breaths. Breathing in and out really fast does nothing. All it does is cause air to move in and out of you really fast, it doesn’t get the oxygen into the lungs and into the bloodstream. In through your nose and out through your mouth is best, cause the boogies in your nose clean out any pollutants that you might be breathing in (dust, pollen, etc) whereas your mouth does not.

Answer #7

Gracias, Amigo.

Answer #8

Good answer, I don’t breathe through my nose, but do take long breaths. It is difficult in the beginning and gets better. I breathe in slowly through my mouth, but I have been having sore throats for a while.

Answer #9

Long, calm breathing techniques.

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