Is there going to be a 5th instalment to the Twilight Saga after Breaking Dawn?

Answer #1

I just checked Stephanie Meyer’s website. Apparently there was supposed to be a 5th one, called Midnight Sun. Somebody leaked the manuscript without her permission and she was rightfully pissed about it, and put it on indefinite hold. I doubt she’s going to release it, as her official message on the matter was released three years ago and it’s been on hold since. Here’s the official statement on her site, if you’d like to read more:

Answer #2

No. Stephanie started to write a th book called Midnight Sun but somebody leaked half of it so she stopped writing it completely :(

Answer #3

Thanks, man what a let-down!

Answer #4

Thank you, i can’t blieve it:( I was so looking forward to it

Answer #5

ikr! stupid jealous people. GRRR.

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