Going to AWA in need of a Hotel for CHEAP

Ok, I’ve NEVER done this sort of thing before so I need to super easy instructions about getting a good cheap hotel (I found some near the Cobb Galleria where I’ll be at most of the weekend)

Does anyone know how to go about getting these hotel’s cheaply? I was thinking paying cash would be best since I don’t own a debit card yet ^_^; I got a couple of friends that want to room with me also and we’ll need a little bit of advice.


Answer #1

Ugh, no reply yet? Sorry man.

So, if you can have a friend try to book on priceline or hotels.com, as you can get a pretty good deal that way if you book in advance, etc…bid far lower than what you want to pay, and then see if they’ll take it.

Also, when you book if you have tripple A, you get a discount at a lot of places…have whoever is paying be the one (if any) with the triple a card…also, you migth not all want to be present when booking the room.

Answer #2

There are many good cheap hotels there, you can find them from some hotel booking sites like priceline.com, booking.com, hotels.com and etc. but a good choice is to choose a site that can search all these hotel booking sites at once, here is the one I recommend to you. dusthotels.com

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