Do I need a passport to go to Virginia if I live in New York?

Hi, I’m going to college in VA and I was wondering if it is necessary to have a passport since I’m not going to another country. I have my learner’s permit is that enough indentification?

Answer #1

You only need a passport if you are going to another country. Virginia is in the USA, just like New York, so do the math

Answer #2

haha yes. different states arent different countries. a valid ID will be fine, which includes a drivers license/permit.

Answer #3

WEll you definitely don’t need a passport if you don’t plan on leaving the country. YOur birth certificate and health papers and drivers lisence should be enoguh but it never hurts to have your passport ready in case you for some reason do have to leave the country bettr safe to have it because it takes months 2 get it

Answer #4

you don’t need a passport unless you’re going out of the country. but you might want to get your license before going to college unless you plan on taking the bus.

Answer #5

yeah if it was a stupid then why did you answer it??? duh!

Answer #6

yea that was a stupid question but yeah, no password needed.

Answer #7

No… not unless VA succeeds…

Answer #8

thanx you all!

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