how do I keep my glued on nails longer?

they keep falling off.

Answer #1

have you conisdered letting your real nails grow out instead of using fake nails? Nails that are acrylic or gel need to be replaced/filled every 2-3 weeks and it wastes a lot of money to do so. Try growing out your natural nails instead, at first they will be weak from being under fake nails but in about a month they will return to normal and you can do usaul tasks with them. Also fake nails ruin the real nails bed and weakens it so i suggest atleast giving your nails a break for atlest a week once a month. But if you wish to keep the fake nails then use typical nail glue and every night rub in some vitamin E oil on the cuticles every night because this will moisturize them and prevent cracking.

Answer #2

I dont like my natural nails. & im pretty sure I asked how to keep them on longer,not how much they cost. its only $8. I do them myself. :)

Answer #3

use crazy glue!

Answer #4

Let your own nails grow. Or add more glue when you put them on. There’s not much to do but that, tha’t why they are cheap and you can do them on your own. They don’t last as long as real ones, or ones you get put on profecionally.

Answer #5

i don’t use fail nails myself but my friend does and she finds the glue is not strong enough that comes with the nails-so she buys separate glue.. hope this helps,

Answer #6

Super glue :P

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