How can I keep my nail polish from chipping?

Every time I do my nails they chip in a couple of days I dont use top coat because I’ve noticed nail polish actually lasts longer without it What can I do to keep my nail polish from chipping?

Answer #1

Oh My Gosh! Nail polish shipping is so wrong! Ahhh gawd.

Answer #2

yeah you have to put a clear top and bottom coat it helps as long as you dont cake it on.

Answer #3

Put clear nail polish over it. It works for me and it actually does help the nail polish not to chip so easily.

Answer #4

put 2 layers of a top coat over them. I have to do this since my life is very active. it definately helps with the chipping tho

Answer #5

Are you using a base coat at least? That will help a lot.

Also, make sure you aren’t putting it on too thick, and allow the polish to dry between layers.

I never use topcoat - only the base and I don’t have any problems.

Answer #6

Im not sure what brand of polish your using but sinful color nail polish is the best! make sure your putting two coats

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