Glitches for world at war

Glitches for world at war

Answer #1

there is no glitches in call of duty

Answer #2

I don’t know if this works for world at war but in cod 4 you could stop reloading and shoot instantly by hitting why twice…its can be pretty helpful when someone walks around a corner and your reloading but its a very cheap trick to use

Answer #3

Call of Duty: World at War has ZERO glitches, simply because Treyarch, the makers, make sure there are no glitches, which is simply why COD4 is a better game, because Infinity Ward makes it, and they allow for glitching, fun, and better graphics. And because Treyarch sucks sooo much, Infinity Ward is having nothing to do with them, and abandoning Call of Duty, and starting up Modern Warfare 2. A sequel to Call of Duty 4, but a totally new game in itself. Hope this helps.

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