What's your favorite World War II game?

Yeah, there’s been a lot of WWII games, but what’s your favorite and why? It doesn’t have to be current, you can go back a far as Wolfenstein 3D.

Whaddaya like?

Answer #1

Hands captainassassin a PFB

My dear, I wouldn’t consider many people on this site to be ‘gamers’- for one, gamers generally don’t come onto these types of sites.

If WWII was done by worms, I’d say Worms World Party is may favourite combat game, solely because it’s a cheap laugh with some fun killing gadgets. However, I’ve played Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory a few times, and have quite enjoyed it, probably just because of the people I played it with. But I think a lot of those games depend entirely who you play them with as to whether they’re enjoyable or not. Except Counterstrike- that game should be left to the 13 year olds who think building a tower out of their old mountain dew cans is cool. Glares at Counterstrikers

Answer #2


Answer #3

WWII Online, aka Battleground Europe.

Answer #4

Day of Defeat 1.3 and Source, its arcade style game play and fun as hell but for realistic id go for COD:UO

Answer #5

grumble grumble

Anyone care to explain WHY?

Answer #6

Is that an abbreviation for something?

Answer #7

Duely noted…

pulls out large crayon

Answer #8

Obviously, this question was beyond comprehension of the local gamer community…


Maybe I should re-write it… with crayon…

Answer #9

Call Of Duty: united offensive

Answer #10

Is it similar to the next-gen CODs where your soldier’s health will replenish if you grab some cover (a la Halo)??

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