What should I give my friends for christmas, thats not very pricey?

I need to give my friends gifts for christmas, but I have no idea what. I dont’ want it to be too pricey but not a cheap rip-off. im giving the same thing to everyone so it will be fair. does anyone have any ideas that I could get them? thanks so much if you can help!:)

Answer #1

how about a little basket with different things like candy, jel pens, makeup, and what about a homemade movie of all the photos and videos you and your friends made ? hope this helps :D

Answer #2

Movie gift cards with a bag of microwave popcorn and bottle of soda pop, fun, friendly, and not too pricey! =)

Answer #3

Ok. If its a boy. get him a game if he likes them. and if its a girl. just like a necklace from someplace.

Answer #4


Answer #5

friendship necklaces

Answer #6


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