How effective is a used iPod for a christmas gift?

I recently came across a 120GB iPod for $150.00. what a steel right? It came with a box, but my dog chewed it up! So, I was wondering if its acceptable to Give it as a gift for christmas, to my girlfriend, who needs an iPod. Is that ok? I mean, I think it needs an iPod box, but thats just me, any ideas? all answers welcome! thank you!

Answer #1

I don’t think that I’d ever give a used item as a gift, but I also think that I’d appreciate any gift given to me from someone regardless of how much it’s worth or the condition of it. It’s the thought that counts, right?

So, I suppose it depends on what you think and what she will think. Do you feel like it’s an acceptable gift? What condition is it in? Would your girlfriend like it and get good use of it? If you think it’s acceptable and that she would be happy with it, go for it. Maybe get a new box for it, though?

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