What should I give someone who lost a family member?

i can draw so, give me some ideas or anything else please.

Answer #1

Y not draw a picture of the family member?

Answer #2

When my baby brother died in 2007 my friend Johnathan drew his name in graffiti and made his lil own design idea like on top he put a crown and stuff and then he laminated it and gave it to me … and I love it and I still have it today :)

Answer #3

good advice but i dont know what their family member look like ;(

Answer #4

If you feel you must, how about a picture of the someone you are referring to with that person that passed away!

To be honest, in situations like this, giving a person something doesnt make them feel any better…I would simply be there for them, comfort them by telling them that you will always be there to lean on when they will need a shoulder to cry on or a person to talk to. That what seems to work best. Simply showing support…and really being them in their time of need.

hope this helped

Answer #5

Here, usually people give some kind of food arrangement to a family who just lost someone (meat platter, veggie platter, fruit basket, etc). In most cases this is to help the family out with food while family/friends gather at the house to come together and mourn the loss. Usually a card is also included to express one’s sympathy.. I’ve personally never heard of anything else being given, but it may just be different here?

Answer #6

yea thats true when my friend gave me the pic he drew I didn’t feel better like everything was ok but I did appreciate it :)

Answer #7

When my friend Jessica passed away when I was in Highschool, my friend Kelly drew a picture of all of us (5 girls from choir who were her friends) and drew Jessica in the middle with angel wings that spread behind us, and it said “Dear god, when will you be done with our best friend, we miss her and want her back.” And we had it cremated with her. It wasn’t really a gift physically, but it was nice to know that a part of us is with her. So art is a great soruce of comfort if you can make it the right thing.

Answer #8

then ask them for a picture and tell your friend its for a surprise

Answer #9

Time. Give them time ans attention. Tell them they can come to you and talk anytime. Tell them you’re there for them. And if they come and want to talk, give them time.

Answer #10

Someone who has lost a family member usually is in need of time. There is alot to do and no time to get the normal things done. Simply offer your time to them and i am sure they will assist you in their needs. Food is a very effective way to help them out. Bring over a Pizza or some dish so they dont have to take extra time cooking or going out to buy food. The gift is nice to add to the menu too.

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