Does anyone have any advice on potty training?

Does anyone have any advice on potty training. My daughter started out wanting to go on the potty now she refuses because of a mishap she had.

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My daughter did the same thing. That child was born old… haha…. and started going on the toilet at ten months. But one day, she had a little scare while on the toilet and that was the end of that for about six months. She eventually trusted the potty again and was fine. Give her time. You can either train mom or let the child lead the way. I prefer to let the child lead.

Answer #2

You have let her get past her natural training period. Now you will have more of a battle of the mind and wills. You must stand your ground taking and making her sit on the potty. Take her when she first wakes up mid mornings and afternoons. After she eats about an hour. Also any time somebody in her family that has to go. Praise her big time when she goes and make it fun. Scold her heavy when she goes in her diaper. But most important be consistant. Her will not to want to go will be greater because you missed her natual time. Be a parent and you will prevail.

Answer #3

Our younger son was very stubborn with potty training as well, and had a lot of accidents (still has some, but he’s only 4 & 1/2 now - it took a while to become less frequent).

What we did was use a reward chart that a teacher from his day care gave us, and give him a sticker on the chart that he got to put there when he went successfully. This way, he could see when he had filled up a week on the reward chart, that he was making progress.

Then, every time he filled up a week’s worth of success (even if he missed some days) we would get him some small toy or do something special. After he had filled the whole rewards chart (it was a month long one) then he wasn’t having any regular issues.

Hope this helps. Best, thedude

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