Normal for tampons to make you swollen?

okai well I’ve just started takeing the pill 2 night will b the third pill , I took the firstr one on the first day of my period (which was 2 days ago) and now my period has stopped and I can just about get a mini tampon up there when I usally use medium its all swollen up inside is this normal? im not allergice to anything and I was wonders is it normal for it to stopp your period and b a bit swollen up there ? I feel fine buh im just a little concerned. and am I now protected if I’ve been taking the pill for 3 days? and yes I’ve been taking it corectly.

Answer #1

No you have not been taking it correctly.

You are supposed to take your pill the first sunday after your period - not when your period starts. You caused your period to end by using the pill on your period. You should really read your directions or talk to your doctor and learn how to take your birth control properly.

Answer #2

Well acctually mandyloo it sed take on the first day of you next period so I do know how to take. I was just concerned

Answer #3

I too had to start taking the pill on the first day of my period. mandyloo must have had a different type to you and me.

Every pill has slightly different side effects so to know if a swollen vagina is a possible side effect you will have to read the booklet carefully. Although I doubt it would be. It seems something has gone wrong somewhere along the lines. Ring your G.P for advice or if you extremely concerned take a trip to casualty.

Answer #4

I aplogize - most birth controls say to start after your period - because when you start taking the pill the hormones cause your period to stop. So that is the reason for it stopping.

As far the swollen vagina goes - it could be from the tampon or it could be a side affect. Take the tampon out and do not use a tampon if you start bleeding again or next month - use a panty liner and see if that makes a difference . If you still swollen - see a doctor.

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