What should I do to my girlfriend when she's tied up?

Answer #1

cut the ropes and save her :D

Answer #2

D: I mean sexually :)

Answer #3

Tickle her with a feather.

Answer #4

lol i know. Tease her until sh cant stand it

Answer #5

Oooh, excellent idea! I like it =P Thanks :D

Answer #6

F*CK HER!! Lol joking, ask her…

Answer #7


Answer #8

ask her what? lol

Answer #9

If you mean ask her what to do, I want it to be a surprise :)

Answer #10

Blind fold her so she cannot see, it will make things more intense and heighten her sense of touch. Then explore her body, as best you can, using your hands, tongue etc. but only lightly brush/skirt past erogenous areas getting closer and closer until she is so turned on she is begging you to touch her. Its one thing turning a girl on pushing all the usual buttons, but to turn her on this way adds something new and makes it much more intense.

Just something to try…. Don’t go doing what i did, which was to tie her up (with her consent of course) stand back and have the sudden erge to leave lol, I popped out went to the shop, came back 10mins later she did not see the funny side.

Answer #11

WOW Never considered getting her all worked up :P I’ll try that then :) And LOL at the end :’)

Answer #12


I don’t even know what to say about that stupud question….

Answer #13

Well then don’t say anything. Waster.

Answer #14


Answer #15


Answer #16

Wut? Haha yur gonna tye yur girlfriend up? Wait im confused lol

Answer #17

Ohhh, she will prob just say ‘Fu*k me!!’ anyway haha

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