How do you tie a skinny tie?

Ugh, I’ve been looking for hours on how to tie ties for a ‘how to…’ movie…and nothing seems to be quite perfect,,,and its getting very annoying and frusterating!!! Sos!!

Answer #1

I know how to fold one, but don’t know if you’ll understand me that well.

  1. Put the tie around your neck (the obvious part) so that the ends are mostly equal with the bigger end being longer
  2. Cross one piece over the other (the larger part) and fold it to the back so that it kinda loops around the bottom piece
  3. Now is the tricky part the end that you just folded over, put it through the loop at the back. (be careful here, else your tie could end up looking funny).
  4. After this step, all you need to do is to adjust the tie the way you like it.
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