What is it like to go to the girl doctor?

what do they do.? like is it wierd.? I don’t know what to expect? papsmere? what kind of questions do they ask!!!

Answer #1

its not as bad as I thought it would be. and it didnt take long at all.

Answer #2

They just ask if your sexually active. Then they put a metal thing with a bunch of jelly stuff in your vagina to open it up and they take two like big q tips and swab your vagina. It hurts, but not like a bad hurt. Then they give you a pantyliner and a little wet wipe to wash yourself off. They give you a pantyliner because you bleed a little afterwards. I thought it was really weird, but only because I dont like people looking at my body. haha. Just breathe and it will be over with before you know it.

hope I helped, xoxo :)

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