How do I get my little girl to cut her hair?

Answer #1

Why does it need to be cut ?

Answer #2

bribe her.

Answer #3

take her to the salon sit wit her on the chair give her candy or something but not a lollipop or anythinq too sticky

Answer #4

Make it in to a fun experience. Have a “girls” day together where you both get your hair done and maybe buy a pretty outfit or something. You could even printed off some suitable hair styles and let her choose which one she wants.

Answer #5

just keep mentioning it over and over till she says yes. this doesnt always work but it did for me :/ aha

Answer #6

You have a child old enough to refuse a hair cut and you’re 14? Why am I getting the feeling that’s not entirely accurate? Anyhow, I was like that when I was younger, absolutely refused to get my hair cut. Find out exactly why she wont get it cut. I used to hate going to the hair dresser because she’d cut it too short. And at the end of the day try to remember, you are the parent.

Answer #7

Give her a pair of safety scissors -sorry but on reading thought you meant….

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