getting rid of stress depression sadness

how do I stop crying being sad depressed stressed and stop my heart frmo poping yes it is strange how do I make all this stop no therapy no parents just want ideas please im tierd if all of it

Answer #1

have some alone time . . . like just stay in your room for a few hours listen to some music and just have time fer yourself be alone for a whle and if you already do that hangout with some one with a good attitude :)

Answer #2

Do something fun [: Listen to Happy musiic :] , Go out wiith ure friiends , Do somethiing thaat will maake you smiile annd forget about it all , x :)

Answer #3

find the root of your problem, then try to fix it, or make it better. SOMETHING has to be making you feel depressed. and until you know what it is, you cant do anything about it.

Answer #4

Get away from the problem for a while. Yeah you can say ‘I cant get away from it’ but you can. And sorry but your heart cant ‘pop’ out

Answer #5

talk about your problems to a trusted friend or something. talking about your problems to someone takes away some of your troubles. im like you, I resorted to doing things that now I cant stop, I found it hard to talk to anyone but then I decided to tell someone, my troubles seemed less. I still cry my self to sleep ocasionally and do things others would frown apon but talking does help a little.



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