How can I get rid of stress healthily?

I am sooo stressed out. How can I get rid of stress healthily?

Answer #1


Or take up a hobbie

Like drawing or running

Answer #2

Everynight before bed, do some deep breathing and meditation. Right down your anxieties, fears and hopes in a journal. Everyday try to get out excess stress by exercising. Pick a sport you really like or go out running and listen to your ipod. I love running and listening to my ipod and just thinking about my life and random dreams and fantasies. It is quite a stress reliever and you will feel great afterwards because you got thinking time, music time, cardio workout and endorphins all at the same time. Sweet deal. Yoga is also really great because it can be soothing and stretch out your muscles. It can also help with your breathing depending on what kind of yoga you take. Try aromatherapy, acupuncture or Reiki because these really help relieve stress! Also, eating healthy foods will actually help too. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and get enough protein because these foods have some great stuff for anti-stress and anti-depression. Much love and I hope it works out! Peace :)

Answer #3

um get energie out sing or dance to music a nice bath yoga sometimes reading it gets you out of your life and into a book it calms you down for awile trust me or through something soft around a room for awile drawing works too!!!

Answer #4

listen to cailming music

go out and get fresh air it does help

Answer #5

What I do is I scream in my pillow or I start talking gibberish…Guess it works 4 me..:->

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