How to get rid of stress ?

Hello. There is one thing I always fail to do. That is to get rid of my stress. It is having negative effects on me now, It makes me to keep worrying about my studies. Hence my results dropped.

How to get rid of them ?

Answer #1

heyy.. There is no easy way of getting rid of stress believe me, because everyone knows how badly I stress and worry and teachers didnt know what to do with me.. erm try doing a week e.g. write monday to sunday down and when you have completed the day write down a negative BUT also a POSITIVE outcome of the day and it will make you see that its not all that bad and if that doesnt work… then try this In the morning write down things/ jobs that need to be done gradually by the end of the end… once one is complete cross it off and you should feel better bit by bit. Take each day as it comes Dont worry I’ve stressed all my life until now and I’m finally finding ways to cope with it.. PLease feel free to fun mail me at any time,, I am always happy to HELP :)

Hope I helped SOph x

Answer #2

Hear some smoothing music before u go to study….u can also try swimming or chatting with someone who feels close to u n ur heart…tis ll workout for sure…all the best for ur studies…:)u gonna rock!!:)

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