Getting mixed signals. Help?

ok there is this girl, and we’ve been talking a lot lately. But she is sending mixed signals. she calls me cute and sweety and all that kind of stuff but when we make plans to do something she always flakes out on me. Some advice would be greatly appreciated.

Answer #1

their is that possibility that she has a boyfriend or she may just be too shy to meet up with you. she might not be ready to mett with you in person or if you have never met her it could be a 50 year old man or woman.

Answer #2

So just go along with her for a bit, play the game her way. Leave it for a few weeks, but not tooo long. Spend those few weeks just with her as friends. Then time will tell what will happen.

Answer #3

Okay dude, first you gotta be absolutey sure that you LIKE her. I just recently got sum mixd signals from this chick at my school. I just talked to her afterschool one day and I found out that she like me but she was just nervous to show it. now we’re go’in out. Chicks can be extremely confusing sometimes, just listen to the tones she uses when she calls you those names. It might just be sarchasm, but then it could be real. The rest is up to you dude. GOOD LUCK!!!

Answer #4

keep talking to her, then start to pick it up a little, get her# and call her or send her flirty messages, and when it seems to be going really good ask her out. talking to her friends will probably help too, because they know what she likes and doesnt like

Answer #5

Make sure you like her.

She may not like /you/, though, she may be one of those girls that flirts with any living thing that crosses their path.

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