Getting back together with my girlfriend

My girlfriend and I broke up 9 weeks ago. I still see her every now and then and we’re still friends but I really want to get back together with her. She broke up with me and im not sure if she is still interested in me and im afraid to say anything because I don’t want to lose her completly if she doesn’t want to. Help please…

Answer #1

She broke up with me and im not sure if she is still interested in me>>Doesnt the fact that she BROKE UP with you, tell you that she isnt? You need to just get over her, and move on. If she was interested in you, she NEVER would have dumped you!! Its that simple!

Answer #2

I agree with jennay… or ask one of her friends maybe they know… or ask them to find out for you. that way you have some idea about whats going on in her head. but it would be better to ask yourself… you never know if her friends might be lying to you..

Answer #3

I think you should ask, I mean she may ignore you for a day and you just need to keep trying to make a conversation and you guys will be buddys again, so I say what the heck ask

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