how do I get my girlfriend back

how do I get my girlfriend back even though she dumped me 3 times

Answer #1

Well, that’s to much, if she has dumped you 3 times I really don’t think the relationship is working out. Even if you 2 get back together 70% is that she will dump you again.I think you better move on.

Answer #2

Why would you want someone who keeps dumping you? She obviously doesnt want to be with you. You cant get someone back that doesnt want to get back with you!!

Answer #3

I was gonna say the same thing, why do you even want her? to have her for a lil while, waiting for her to dump you, and then she does? why would you keep going back to that hun? open your eyes and move on from this girl, one day you will find someone who will love and want to be with you for long term, not play games and break up, make up, break up and blah blah. You deserve to find better.

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