How do I get my ex back, when he has just got a new girlfriend?

Me and my ex were together for 2 years, we did have arguments, but who doesn’t? We split up 3 weeks ago and I have wanted him back since. We stopped talking the other day and I have just found out he now has a new girlfriend. I have to see him with her everyday at college! I really want him back more than anything, and I think deep down he wants me back but is trying to make me jealous with this new girl. Can someone help me please, im sick of nights crying my eyes out. Thank you

Answer #1

You don’t get him back. If you really cared about him and his happiness you’d his relationship with his new girlfriend take its course.

Answer #2

well just sort of pop up at his room and get busy with him!? its an idea but make it so that he falls for you all over again

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