Getting another cat

Hi, My mom was looking in the newspaper and she found this ad, there was this lady that were selling ragdoll kittens! Me and mom mom luvvv them and wanted to get one. Well, we already have a cat thats about 1 1/2 years old (human years) and she was a stray roaming our neighborhood. If we get another kitten, would our cat we have now get upset? Like, would she scratch the kitty, would she stop eating? Would she stop using the litter box? Would she get sick? Would the 2 kitties get along


Answer #1

Hey, I alredy had a cat. then my sister found a stray one we have got them both now. You just have to introduce the new cat first, slowy keep them apart but just let them see each other in the house, then take the new cat out the room. cats will fight but they won’t do any seroius damage to each other. Your first cat will sulk (yes I know that souds dumb but its true), my first 1 sulked for too weeks. and make sure you give the cats equal attention, because 1 will get jelouse honeslty!! x

Answer #2

well like with any animals…you will never really know how they are going to react until you put them together…All I can recommend is when you do get this new cat if you do then do not treat your current cat any differently. they should do fine as long as you give them the same love and attention so neither one of them should get sick and stop eatin unless your cat is really jealous or protective. ALSO YOUR CAT IS STILL YOUNG SO YOUNGER CATS TEND TO ADAPT TO OTHER ANIMALS COMING INTO THE HOUSEHOLD PRETTY WELL…IT JUST MAY TAKE A LITTLE WHILE

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