How do i get rid of my mom's boyfriend?

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Threaten her you'll move out, run away, or you'll live with your dad.

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ummm I need to get rid of my moms boyfriend he has a criminal record and everything he is HORRIBLE any advice and trying to frame him for cheating doesnt work I need GREAT advice and FAST plaese help!!!

I hate my Mom's boyfriend
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I also need to get rid of my mom's boyfriend . My parents recently split and just filed for divorce 3 days ago, though they split 3 months ago.I just got used to the idea that my parents,who were married for 23 years , will not be together anymore.My mom started dating this guy about a month ago but its already getting really serious ,he's already told her he loves her, he's a good guy and all but its just to soon and every time I talk to my mom about this she's says "be happy for me " or " I understand but I think Im falling for him so be happy for me" . Is it so wrong to think she's being a little selfish by continuing this or not . I've tried being happy for her even to the point of listening to her go on and on about how he gets her and he's such great guy but there just comes a point where I cant take it and end up crying in front of her and all she says is "Im sorry but its what I want".She says that if he asked her to marry him in a few months she would say yes! Im not ready for that. I don't want to hurt her but how do I get her to listen to me and to consider my feelings in all of this . Im 16 and the oldest of 4 kids :16,13,10 and 7. The 13 and 7 don't have a problem with it because they think its not that serious but the 10 year old came to me and said in tears "Its to soon " , I tried comforting him but he is still really upset. We in no way expect our parents to get back together but it just hurts that she's doing it so soon . So do any of you have any ideas on how to talk to her ?

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I have the same problem! He comes round every night and it used to just be me and mum now she sends me to my room at eight I mean I'm thirteen and this guy she is dating is 10 years older than her! They have just been away together for the weekend and my mum bought some lingere I found it so I hid it inside of my bean bag before she went but she found it! Grrr! They were in the kitchen today talking about sex and condoms while I was there it makes me sick! He is allergic to our cat so before he comes round I make sure loads of cat hair is on the sofa and cushions it's been 3 weeks now and he is really annoying me he also has two sugars with his tea so I just poured loads of salt into the sugar tin. I don't speak or look at him and I give him daggers every time he comes in. I have told my mum how I feel but she just plays the oh I thought you'd be happy for me card. I have just about had enough any advice anyone! Please I can't take it anymore.

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I know exactly how you feel, I hate my mom's boyfriend, and if I try and tell my mom about how I don't like him and she says, oh you will be fine, but he's really mean to me, so if you have the same problem as me then talk to your friends about it like I do, and if they are anything like mine, then you will find someways to get rid of him

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speak to your mum and tell her how you feel about him.. playing tricks on him to break him and your mother up will only cause problems between you and your mother... there are some stupid answers on here, don't follow their advice.

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Dear laakapu,
We will assume that you don't get along with your mother's boyfriend. If he is abusing her or you go to the police right away, if he isn't you need to ask yourself how can you learn to get along with him for your mother's sake. Speak with your mother and tell her how you feel.
Sue...good luck

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honestly, I feel the EXACT same way. I hate the air my mother's boyfriend breathes, I hate the way he walks talks eats drinks, etc.
I hate him even more because he knocked my mom up twice.
now is the second time.
I also don't know how to tell my mom that I HATE HIS GUTS, and that I want t move in with my dad.
there was areally nasty fight between them and me and my brother (im 13 he's 10) told him 2 get out and never come back.
my mom said we wouldnt have that problem anymore because he was gone for good.
now he's back and I HATEEE HIMMM.I wish he would DIE so he would NEVER BOTHER US AGAIN.I hate this man so much that it isnt even funny. I wish that my mother's baby would die also. I really dont understand the stupid decisons that my mother makes. im just abot ready to hate her too...

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you should just wait till they get ingaged and be the ont to stand up and say that you dont want them to be together!!!lol

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un pick his pants so when he puts them on he will think hes fat. put sult in his tea. and dont talk to him eather

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How to tell my Mom I want to live with my Dad?
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do something that he will yell at you for and maybe your mom will brake up

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Tell your mom he's sexual with you when she is not around and that your really scared of him...keep on saying " no its my fault" and put vicks under yours eyes so the tears will stream down

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Just telling your mom you don't like him doesn't work. I've tried it, many times. I'm thirteen and he gets drunk all the time and blames everyone else for his own mistakes. We were on a train once, he was drunk and shouting abuse at me and made me cry and my mum just told me to egnore him. UNBELIEVABLE. If you want to get rid of your mom's boyfriend, you have to do something that your mom can't just egnore. DON'T say that he molestered you 'because the police might get involved and the situation would be worse. I suggest telling the people your mom is close to, she's very likely to listen to her family and friends that have been there for her entire life. Or pretend he cheated on her. But plan that out 'because if she finds out you tried to break them up she will just be mad at you.

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my mo devorised 1 month ago and I will get my revenge on the new guy in the picture trust me

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meagz you should tell your mom you and little sister herd her having sex and if she doesnt stop bringing this douche bag over, to you know do it you will move in wit yo dad flat out

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I'm having the same problem well last night me and my sister herd my mom and her boyfriend having sex and it made me and my sister really uncomftroble I am 11 she is 15 as soon as I herd it I broke out in tears thinking about how it has only Ben like three or four months since my parents split up but any way it's like he is trying to take my mother away from us and it makes us really mad I don't know what to do any more some times I want to live with my dad but I don't know how to brake it to my mom...I really need some advice I don't want to lie to my mom and say he raped or beat me or anything like that but how do I tell my mom I'm not ok with this and it's just too soon...8o(

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I h8 my mums boyfriend and need a way 2 get rid ov him any ideas

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Rown his live by doind tricks and put a girls brole with a lip stick kiss on it.

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Say he molested you.

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dont talk to him that piss's him off hard out and when your friends come around tell them to not talk to him okay do that

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I hate my moms boyfriend he curses at her they argue he always tell me to wash the dishes everyday and some minutes ago it was 2 bowls in the sink because I just had cereal I took the garbage out then he told me to wash my dish out I said ugh he said when I come back from smoking a cigarette im go wash my dish out 2 then when he open the door he said rikki wash my dish out I thought about it and my mind and said no when he came back and he said I thought I told you 2 wash my dish out and I said you said everybody wash they dish out when they get through eating he said so you cant wash out a simple dish when I ask you to he said when I go to the grocery store he said I aint buying you nothing and he said cook yo own food and thats why I hate him

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well im not normaly the sabotosh kind of person but im only 12 and I hate my moms boyfriend I tell my mom that I dont like him but then she plays the whole why dont you want me to be happy card on me and when she told me he was going to move in I freaked out and I told her I hated him and I wish he would die in an f### hole she said if I keep up an atitude shell send me to my dads I wouldent mind that but when I have to see her I dont want that low life scumbag to be here,so I dont know what to do any help

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I have that problem to he comes evry night and when he'd here my mom decieds to hate me when I try hard to be nice any suggestion and I don't want to do the cheating on thing I cry about evrytime he's here becouse he changes my mom for the worse I'm just about readdy to grab a pan and know him out and leave him in the woods

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if he lives wit yo mama then i would put lipstick or lip gloss on his underwear or shirts if he dont live wit u then put some of yo mamas bras in his car when he aint lookin when he they go on a date

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I have the same problem... my mother's boyfriend hit me, and he's rude and nasty to me all the time. She doesn't see it because she doesn't want to. She says if he hits me again, then she'll leave him. I've told her the fact that she's with him gives me nightmares and panic attacks because he's now living with us. Her solution has been to send me away. Now with my last week here, I'm trying to decide how to get rid of him, so once I'm gone, he can't try any funny business- like hit her... My mom works full time, and her boyfriend is a dead beat who she supports (which is ENOUGH reason to get rid of him). I'm thinking of telling her that while she was away he molested me... he hasn't but maybe that would prompt her to get rid of him. I just don't know if I could deal with the guilt.

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my mom married him and he goes to the bar everyday and spends 60$ for gambaling and gets 2$ back what jack rabbit by meadow

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I'm dealing with somthing similar my mom and step dad just split and she has been dating this guy and he is over every night I hate it I tell her and she always says well it's makes me happy and don't take the one thing that makes me happy I feel like almost she is choosing him over me

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Also have the dame problem. I'm 12 about to be 13 anf my mom started dating her boy friend when I was eleven. Gladly they said they are not getting married. He has a criminal record for sexual battery and he met my half uncle and jail. When my moms boyfriend got of of jail the first thing he did was move in with us. He would drink every night. Sadly never enough to get drunk though. My older cousin whos my best cousin in the fam said she thinks hes annoying and my grandma thinks to. I would hear them having sex to but my mom had her tubes tied after me so she cant have children anymore. He use to be super lazy to. When we went to his cousins funeral he litterally said can this hurry up I have to get back to work. Like bruh I was sad and like shut up this is ur cousin s funeral. My mom went off to work at 5:00 am and I woulf wake up for school at 6:00. He would never make me breskfast snd when I made my own brrakfastt which was sausuge he said u were goin to burn the house down. I actually had it under control and I said its ur fault because you won't make mr breakfast. When i got into another fight with him my mom surprisingly supported me. He talked about my grandma which made my mom mad. My grandma said it was childish that he moved into with us. Then my grandma moved in with us which made me happy.He comes over every night and "spends the night" I can always tell if hes banging my mom. My mom is trying to make to make him become apart of are family when hed not. My grandmas brothers grown son noe livrd with him. Ughhhhhh.Hes also super loud anf always Is cussing. My mom outed me to him and told him i was bisexual. Like mom shut ur pie hole plzzzz. Hes also racist towards white people which makes me mad because my grandma is black and my DEAD grandpa is white . And i am my grandpas favorite grandchild. My mom and grandma even agreed with that statment. He said white people are sneaky and you cant trust them. Like bruh shut the fuck up.he also is super stupid . he smokes and encourages my mom to smoke and he wonders why he shakes. He shakes because he smokes. He encourages my mom to smoke cigarettes anf weed when shes trying to stop. He use to be in s gang and he dropped out of school in the six grade. Hes like 10-14 years older then my mom. He also dosent eat vegetables. And my mom loves her veggies and me to. Bruh like you need vegetables they're healthy for you. He also dosent flush the toilet, drink water,or wash hid hands. When i had to shake his hanf i couldn't wait for my mom to get out of the bath so i can wash my hands. He also adds his opinion when my mom tries to dicipline me and my mom telld him to stop talking. Also when I tell my mom why hes over are house every night shes says she can have him over when ever she wants. He also dosent have manners . he didint take off his hat when we were in a fancy restaurant and he was sitting in his chair in a childish way. When we were at the fancy restraunt to celebrate my mom and my uncles wife he asked my uncle to come smoke with him and my mom outside. Like bruh my uncle is trying to celebrate his wife and sisters birthday. Its not the best time to smoke. He also has the ugliest teeth. He also dosent eat his fruit unless its a frickin fried bananna. For dinner i wanted something healthy and hes said he wanted some fried unhealthy food. He said order the unheslthy food anf my mom did it for him snd he didint get the healthy food at all. Like let my mom make her own f-ing choices. I csnt wait for the day he dies from the lack of veggies and fruits in his system,not washing hid and and keeping hid teeth clean,or drinking and smoking. Ughhhh. . hes also super loud. I can hear him from upstairs across the house. He also has abs and a tough chest even thought he dosent work out.

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