Can I get my ex of almost 2 years back?

So me and my ex had been seeing each other for almost two years. Anyway, we broke up two days ago. I just found out last night that he hung out with another girl he had been talking to while we were together. I thought nothing of it because he is 18 and she is 14. But, I found out from a friend that they were snuggling and kissing all night. I miss my ex so bad and I want him back. He says he wants me in his life but only as a friend. Are my efforts hopeless? If not how can I get him back?!?!?!

Answer #1

You cant, he has made his choice and he has betrayed you once that you know of…how would you be able to trust him? you need to move on and find someone who wants to only be with you!

Answer #2

I go by the philosophy that when you break up, it is for a reason. No matter how many times you get back together or how long you stay together again before you break up, the initial reason that you broke up will be the same as the reason you finally break up.

My advice is to stay away and move on. Moving on is so much fun anyway. Be young, have fun, don’t hang onto painful things that are more work than they are worth.

Relationships should make youre life fun and easier. The second they are not any fun and make your life harer, they are no longer worth it.

Answer #3

forget him and see me

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